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Defending Democracy


This year the state legislature attacked cities, counties, and marginalized communities.  The state’s power grab against local governments and individual residents is very concerning.  We will want someone sitting at the table who is willing to stand against the big government bullies.  We will want someone to speak truth to power.  We will want someone with the courage and integrity to defend our democracy and stand with the will of the people.



This city has a housing crisis.  Our leaders have sold us out to the highest bidder.  It does not matter if you live in 3rd Ward, 2cd Ward, 5th Ward, Montrose, Freedmen’s Town, or many other neighborhoods, the housing costs are out of control.  We need to protect the common folk from the predatorial actions of greedy corporations and irresponsible builders, who displace people for higher profits.



We have an aging infrastructure and a growing population.  Climate change is here now.  Our infrastructure is not suitable for the upcoming population density and the growing intensity of both summer and winter storms.  Infrastructure is not glamorous, and it costs money, but it is absolutely necessary.  If we do not address this in time, our city will not become World Class.



Our city leaders have allowed the suburbs to dictate our transportation decisions.  We need more effective and reliable transportation because building bigger roads only means more cars and air pollution.  Also, it will negatively affect home and business owners.  We need forward-thinking leaders, who are willing to stand against big money.

Resourcing Communities/ Public Safety

Scarcity breeds conflict.  If we want a safer city, with less crime, we need to ensure that historically excluded and underfunded neighborhoods have the resources they need.  This is a proactive and humane approach to public safety.  Police deal with crimes, after they have been committed.  Resourcing communities prevents crimes and help keep families together.

I also support RISE Coalitions 3 Demands, which are:

  • Freeze HPD Budget- We demand that the City of Houston freeze HPD budget and invest in the kinds of community infrastructure and support that actually makes us safer.

  • HPD Out of Traffic- We demand that the City of Houston protect Black and Brown drivers from harassment and violence by prohibiting police from making stops for minor traffic violations inside the city limits.

  • End Shotspotter- We demand that the City of Houston end its wasteful $3.5 million contract with ShotSpotter, Inc. (now rebranded as “Soundthinking”) for bogus and harmful surveillance technology.

Loose Dogs


We have a huge issue with loose dogs in this city.  This is not a new issue.  The city has allowed this to become an increasing problem.  This is a huge public safety issue.  The city needs to work with the rescuers and organizations on the ground doing spay and neuter programs, educational programs, and rescue programs.  We can not continue on this downward spiral.

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