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My name is Ethan Michelle Ganz, a trans nonbinary activist and community organizer. 

Currently, I'm focused on combating oppression and running for Houston City Council At Large 3. As Nonbinary Grand Marshal of Pride, I'm dedicated to making a difference.

Let's stand together for a brighter and more inclusive future!

I'm running because our city needs change. 

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We need leaders who are forward-thinking and courageous. The state has been passing laws that attack Harris County and Houston, limiting the powers of our municipalities and even taking over HISD. We can't let this continue; we need trustworthy leaders who won't back down to state-level bullies.


Representation matters, and that's why I'm in this race. As a working-class, trans-non-binary individual, I've experienced living paycheck to paycheck and have faced systemic oppression and hate. I understand the struggles of not having access to healthcare and relying on public transportation and a bicycle in a car-centric city. When you vote for me, you're sitting with me at the table, representing the worker, the marginalized, and the unheard. I promise to be your voice and stand with the will of the people, even if it means standing alone.


Houston's diversity is what makes it truly special. Our city gave this Queer kid a place to belong and now I'm committed to celebrating and representing this incredible community. I have worked hard for the people - I volunteer, advocate, take direct action, speak out, organize, and strategize for the benefit of my community, my neighborhood, and my city.


If you elect me, I will take that dedication, energy, and love to a higher level. A vote for me is a vote for change. A vote for me is a vote for representation. A vote for me is a vote for the people. We Can With Ganz.


Alliance Party
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Montgomery County Young Dems
Asian Americans For Change
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